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How Historical “Education is Freedom” Blends with Signal’s “Igniting Thinking”

What comes into your mind when this phrase “Education is Freedom” is tagged along in a scholarly speech or conversation? This historical phrase has been used over the years, with its specific origin remaining a mystery. Nevertheless, in Africa, the say has in most cases been linked to one of Africa’s most prominent political activist and freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela. The former President of South Africa in his autobiography A Long Walk to Freedom cited that “Education is the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world”, among other related quotes. My interpretation of this specific one is education’s ability to catalyze personal, social, political and economic liberation. The idea that education is essential for individual and socio-economic freedom has been a recurring theme throughout history.

Education is often identified as the key to unlocking one’s potential and achieving personal and professional success. When we say “Education is Freedom”, we imply that education provides individuals with skills, knowledge and essential intellectual tools they need to make informed decisions and create a better life for themselves, their families and communities. Most importantly, education identified as an essential key to freedom helps individuals develop critical skills, allowing them to question assumptions, challenge authority and make informed decisions about their lives and visions. It also provides them with a sense of self efficacy and empowerment, leading to greater personal freedom.

Signal Publishers’ slogan and professional philosophy Igniting Thinking, points out our company’s dedication to inspiring and stimulating intellectual curiosity and critical thinking among learners, scholars and educationists. As a result, we take seriously education’s ability to bring about intellectual freedom. Our commitment to facilitating ‘education’s freedom’ by ‘igniting thinking’ implies our works, ranging from books, exams and other assessment aids are not only aimed at providing information but also challenging and engaging learners’ minds, pushing them to think more deeply and critically before making informed decisions that lead to their personal and socio-economic freedom. By publishing thought-provoking and insightful educational materials, Signal Publishers takes pride in making valuable contribution to the academic community’s mission of achieving intellectual freedom.

As narrated above, education is often seen as a pathway to greater freedom because it provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions, pursue their passion and create a better life for themselves and their communities. Signal Publishers’ focus on igniting thinking suggests the company’s commitment to providing materials that inspire critical thinking and inquiry, which are essential skills for achieving personal and social freedom. Through our company products, that is competently researched and developed books, examinations, assessment aids as well as literary works, we massively contribute to the body of knowledge and research that can inform public policy, drive innovation and empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives and communities. By promoting education and critical thinking, we work towards a world where individuals are free to pursue their goals and aspirations, and where society as a whole is more just, equitable and prosperous. This is the society where Historical “Education is Freedom” blends perfectly with Signals’ Igniting Thinking.

2 thoughts on “How Historical “Education is Freedom” Blends with Signal’s “Igniting Thinking”

  1. LUNG'AYIA FELIX says:

    Hello, this is Felix Lung’ayia a teacher at Little Lambs SCHOOLS-ELDORET.
    Am writing to sincerely thank Signal publishers for immense contribution in education sector more so in examinations publishing and testing.You are the best!
    I am writing to request you to consider me to join your team of examiners and setters in Social Studies and CRE.
    Have consistently produced quality and best performance in the two areas mentioned at both KCPE EXAMINATIONS and internal tests.
    Should you require me to attend interview am readily available at any time convenient to you.
    Looking forward to favourable response and consideration.

    Little Lambs SCHOOLS-ELDORET.

    1. Signal Publishers says:

      Hello, Mr. Felix, thank you for your positive feedback on our works and for your interest in being part of our team. Currently, we do not have any vacant position, but we’ll keep your contact details in our database for future considerations. Please also keep in touch with our updates for future opportunities. Thank you and have a blessed time.

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