Introducing Signal Trial Series, Low Priced Edition.

Signal Trial Series, Low Priced Edition are the latest supplementary books in the market available for learners in all classes. The books are well researched covering all learning areas with all strands and topics competently covered. As indicated on the blurb section, Signal Trial Series Booklets have been specifically developed and designed to help learners assess and extensively revise the work taught in classroom. Exercised and Activities in the book can be used both in classroom and as homework for acquisition and application of skills taught in class.

Key features of Signal Trial Series include;

  1. Topically arranged exercises and activities for all learning areas for the whole academic year.
  2. A variety of authentic exercises and tests which have been developed to provoke the learners’ thinking in relation to their daily lessons and life situations.
      • It is with no doubt that this book will foster independent learning and self-assessment of the learner as required by the competency Based Curriculum. You can now purchase copies of Signal Trial Series from a bookshop near you.

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