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For ten years, Signal Publishers has indicated commitment and proven to play a vital role in promoting quality education by developing quality and comprehensive revision materials and standard Assessment tools/examinations. Throughout our years of service, inspired by our working philosophy “Igniting thinking”, our exams and now assessment tests have not only helped teachers in accurately quantifying their learners’ progress but also enhancing learners’ ability to think creatively and critically.

Our core values of Originality, Efficiency, Research and Customer Satisfaction, have inspired us to work for more than just academic tools, but unrivaled materials that have the ability to positively transform our learners and teachers’ academic experiences. Most importantly, our teachers’ long search for quality C.B.C Assessment tools has stirred us deeper in to the world of academic assessments, coming back with a unique and special approach to assessing learners in Junior School (Grade 7, 8 and 9).

The new Signal Junior School Assessment Tests take a unique approach that makes them the most ideal C.B.C Junior School Assessment tools. Our new approach also acts as a distinguishing factor between Primary School and Junior School in terms of Syllabus and Assessment scope, giving the Junior School an advanced level outlook. Rooted in the principles of C.B.C, our new Junior School assessment tests aim to inspire, evaluate and guide young learners on their educational journey. Signal Junior School Assessment draws modernity in to traditional assessment approach, considering Blooms Taxonomy (Page 5) guide on developing a standard and effective assessment tests.
In this regard, we have changed our Assessment Structure for Junior School learners to encompass various components, fostering a comprehensive understanding of learners’ abilities and mastery of learning objectives. Our termly Assessment Tests will come in three series;

  1. The Opener
    This is a comprehensive Test designed to reintroduce learners to their academic environment after holiday breaks while also igniting their engagement in the new term. Signal Junior School Opener assessment tests are structured to cover all relevant learning objectives from previous terms and Grades.
  2. Continuous Assessment and Testing
    Instead of 100% for Mid-term assessment, we have introduced a 30/70 format in which our new C.A.T will serve as a 30% contribution to the overall termly assessment structure. The new C.A.T will focus on strands covered during the first half of the term in line with the syllabus coverage calendar to avoid burdening learners with areas beyond termly syllabus coverage.
  3. End-Term Assessment
    This will be the final assessment test of every term. It will complete the 30% tested in C.A.T by contributing the remaining 70%. The End Term Assessment test will comprehensively cover all areas of the syllabus covered within the term plus relevant areas covered in previous Grades. It shall be marked out of 70% and added to the C.A.T score to complete the term’s overall score.

To ensure teachers are well conversant with our new assessment format and structure, we have developed an information booklet with all assessment guidelines and syllabus coverage aid. All the three termly tests will be accompanied by comprehensive marking schemes. They will be graded as per K.I.C.D recommendations and KPSEA/KNEC guidelines. You can get the information booklet on our website or contact our office lines for a digital copy. Hardcopies of the same are also available in all our offices.


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