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Signal Junior Secondary School Authentic Assessment Test Grade 7, will be released on Monday 27th of March 2023. As per the guidelines set by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), this assessment test will be given to students to assess their ability to apply knowledge and skills acquired in class to solve real world problems.

CBC curriculum experts’ demands and objectives on JSS Assessments can not be achieved by mere random selection and placement of questions and tasks on prints, but through deliberate research, development and creation procedures. Signal JSS Authentic Assessment takes in to account these development procedures, making it an absolute first choice test in assessing learners’ progress on skills, competencies and values acquired. This article will enlighten you (teachers and educationists) on steps involved in creation of JSS Authentic Assessments and what makes Signal JSS Assessment for Grade 7 standout.

As defined by KICD, standards are what students should know and be able to do. Standards are derived from various learning areas and expected outcomes from those learning areas. The best way to identify and come up with a sterling standard is by evaluating what students ought to have learnt by the end of each sub-strand. Signal works with competent teachers and educationists in developing quintessential assessment standards before eventually settling on tasks.

After identifying expected outcomes and what students ought to have learnt from each sub-strand, you can thereafter settle on a task/question/test. The authentic task selected should help you assess the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes by students. The assessment task, as demanded by KICD should focus on specific learning outcomes, values and core-competencies. Through thorough analysis of anticipated outcomes, Signal Publishers examination panel settles on ideal authentic tasks for students.

Criteria describes knowledge, skills, competencies and values being assessed on the students. After identifying a standard, selecting a task or question, then the next step is identifying a procedure to administer that particular task/question. A good criterion should be brief, clearly stated and aligned to the developed standards. This is one of the most important features that makes Signal JSS Assessment stand out. Our approach to bringing out tasks meets all the demands stated above, making it the perfect choice for students.

In creating rubrics, you can break down authentic tasks being assessed in to parts and assess each part separately (Analytic rubric) or assess overall performance on a task as a single entity (Holistic Rubric). Signal JSS Authentic Assessment gives room independent rubric creation in consideration of the two types of rubrics, expectations by educationists and abilities of the learners.
Having gathered all that information, it now time to make the right decisions by getting you

Having gathered all that information, it now time to make the right decisions by getting your Junior Secondary School students the best and most ideal, Authentic Assessment. This cannot be found from any other source but Signal Publishers. As mentioned in the introduction, we’ll be releasing a JSS Authentic Assessment on Monday 27th Match 2023, but in limited quantities. Be the first to experience the ultimate assessment. Bookings on-going through our distributors countrywide and through this link.

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