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Half-term Could be Better, Served with Signal Trial Series.

We recently launched Signal Trial Series, Low Priced Edition which are a collection of well researched exercises and activities in all learning areas. The questions are arranged topically to help learners gain more knowledge and familiarize with most frequently assessed and examined areas of study. The books are currently available from Pre-primary School to Grade 5, then Standard 8, with the two missing grades still under development. As has been the norm of Signal Publishers products, Signal Trial Series are in strict adherence to our culture of extensive research, undisputed originality, sterling efficiency and super customer satisfaction. We believe quality is never an accident, but a result of of consistent intelligent efforts. During these short half-term holiday and subsequent breaks, we recommend Signal Trial Series as ideal tools to keep learners’ minds jogging.

Prices are as follows;

Pre-School – KES 200

Grade 1 – Grade 3 – KES 250

Grade 4 – Standard 8 – KES 300

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